On the outside Nick Jones appears to be an average, every day, hard working, family man. Unfortunately, Nick has recently been diagnosed with terminal heart failure. Nick’s doctors have explained how the condition is rare and that there’s nothing that can be done for him; even to the point to state that with his condition he shouldn’t be alive now.

Nick, being Nick, wasn’t willing to take this lying down or without a fight. The thought of his loved ones mourning him after he’s gone, encouraged him to do something to ensure that they’ll still be looked after when he no longer can. That’s when he thought of the charity to help children and family suffering from loss. He decided the charity was not about him but about the family of the bereaved. Nick and all the team are passionate about offering love and support to all families involved in bereavement.

Nick is hoping to create publicity through various organised events to help to raise awareness of the families that are left behind to deal with bereavement. The courage and strength it has taken him to continue fighting and not give up is the very essence of what the Nick Jones Foundation for Bereaved Children embodies and he aims for this to continue when he has gone. The charity is his legacy, his family’s pride and our inspiration.

Please make donations on Nick’s Go Fund Me page: https://www.gofundme.com/NickJonesFoundation