Nick's story

My name is Nick Jones. I would describe myself as an average, every day, hardworking family man.

However, in 2011 I suffered a TIA (stroke), and in 2016 had a defibrillator fitted following an episode of VT (ventricular tachycardia), a type of regular and fast heartbeat. In 2017 – aged 49 – I received devastating news when doctors told me they could help me no more and that I was unlikely to see my 50th birthday. Two years on and I’m still here fighting!

I have two children: Cameron aged 16 and Lara aged 14. Having suffered bereavement myself – I lost my mum suddenly when I was just 11, and my dad at the age of 28, due to heart attack – I understand the impact of loss.

Experiencing bereavement at such a young age devastated me. I recall how little support I received at the time: there was a card of condolence, but no help from school or the Local Authority. I had to deal with the issue on my own, and the world is a scary place when you have lost the people upon whom you rely. Loneliness is just one aspect; you also feel angry, upset, annoyed… I can go on.

I am painfully aware of the heartache my children will go through, and this has made me determined to not take this lying down. I am not going without a fight – and not without making a difference in this world.

This Foundation is the difference I intend to make. It is not about me; it is about ensuring that support is available for children whose lives have been ripped apart by losing someone close. I want to help these children to cope, so they can come to terms with whatever has happened. I already know the value of such assistance. My family and I have had the generous support of Dorothy House, whom I cannot thank enough for all they have done. However, this is not enough…I want this type of support to become proactive rather than merely reactive – and with this Foundation we can help!

My dream is that this Foundation will raise to support schools and local authorities so they can help children who suffer bereavement.

I don’t do things by halves. Following a very successful fundraising ball in March 20185, I agreed to tackle Everest as I believe there is no such word as “can’t” in this world. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but I completed it and live to tell the tale!

I have an incredible team of seven behind me – as well as Peter Andre, who has agreed to be Ambassador for the Foundation.

I ask you to join us on this journey. Together we can make a difference.